Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Second Step Towards Being Recruited as a Scholastic-Athlete

The second step towards becoming a scholastic athlete is to get familiar with the NCAA eligibility center.  As as a Junior going into your Senior year any potential student athlete must be registered with the EC  so that collegiate institutions can legally register you as an amatuer athlete that can compete at the Division 1, & 2 level.   It sounds silly, but that is what it takes.  It is a very slow process because of the enormous number of PSA (potential student athletes) that register, so be prepared.  Registering also takes some time to enter all of the information correctly.  We suggest that you carve out some free time on the weekend to complete the online registration.  Do not spend school time trying to get this done.  When it is completed the center will continue to update the progress of your registration and send alerts as to what else may be needed.  This will result in you securing a registration number that can be used with all NCAA participating institutions.  Items that you should have handy before you begin would be:  Your High School Transcript, Your AAU or Club Affiliations, Your Current Grades, ACT or SAT Scores if you have taken them officially on a National Testing Day, and any information regarding outside classes, night school or disability information to start.  The website is