Monday, July 8, 2013

Alfonzo Mckinnie Highlights NIKE Jordan Chi-League Pro Am

Watch Alfonzo Mckinnie UW Green Bay Junior as he grabs the spotlight for his team at the Nike Jordan Chi-League....He brings the house down with one of the Most amazing Dunks of the summer over 4-time NBA All Star and World Champion Basketball Star Shawn "The Matrix" Marion...Must See...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Alfonzo Mckinnie UW Green Bay Nasty Dunk Over NBA Star Shawn Marion | Nike Jordan Chi-League Pro Am

This DUNK is all that needs to be said...Alfonzo Mckinnie just hammers down this dunk on 4-time NBA All Star, Shawn Marion... Enjoy

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Keifer Sykes SICK Dunk | Jabari Parker Josh Parker | "Who is He" Mix-Tape Nike Jordan Pro Am Chi-League

Sizzling Summer league NIKE Jordan Pro Am at Whitney Young HS "fan cam bleacher style" Keifer Sykes "DUNK OF THE DECADE" Jabari Parker Josh Parker Matt Humphrey and Billy Garret Jr show off..Jabba (Elijah Maxie) on the MIC..Mustafa Farrakan...Antoine Walker...Bobbie Simmons Keifer Sykes dunk BY Scott Cameau Music by GUV "Samuel L. Trapson Mix"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jabari Parker | Josh Parker | Myles Harrison 2013 Next Level Pro Am JLM Center "The HUB" Mixtape

It was great seeing this great gym sitting in the middle of the West Side of Chicago and watching the up and coming hoop stars work out...We need more places like this in Chicago...Jabari Parker, (Duke) spent his last few days staying loose in the gym along with some of his friends...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Career Day For Keifer Sykes vs Chicago State 2012


Keifer Sykes 5'10" UW Green Bay Junior Marshall HS Alum and Chicago United Hoops Classic Alum 2011 has etched his name in history. There have been many great dunks to see over the last 30 years in Chicago basketball but they only come every few years. Chicago was treated to the most electrifying dunk that has ever been seen. What makes this athletic dunk so great?...well for one Derick Rose from the Chicago Bulls was in the building front row, Jabari Parker 4 time State Champ Simeon, Wayne Blackshere NCAA Champion 2013, Morgan Park Grad 2011 on the same team, Antoine Walker High School, College, and NBA Champion, NIKE, Jordan Chi-League, Black Custome Floor and a packed house at historic Whitney Young HS. All that hype and a day full of three pointers And 1 moves, and NBA style play was capped off by Keifer Sykes a true baller...He literally shut the entire tournament down with the monster dunk of the decade on the biggest stage is a must see.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rudy Antuna DT 296 Lbs Crete-Monee HS "Big Tuuuunahhh" C/O 2014

He is just getting started, he is a part of a ferocious defensive and enjoy...

Omari Stringer "The Web" C/O 2015 Beast Mode...Crete-Monee High School

Probably the most talented junior in the country. Size, speed and a mean streak on the field....Watch and enjoy he is D-1 for sure...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Re-Make Lock Down State Championship Official Highlight Reel II | Crete vs Cary Grove 2012

Crete Monee Wins The State Championship with a high powered offense but don't forget the LOCK DOWN defense that caused Three Turnovers to seal the deal...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pre Game Hype Video Prelude to Crete vs Ottawa 2012

This was the game where Crete Monee made their Statement in 2012, After this game the coach told the team They could do anything and they did it... Enjoy

Pre Game Hype Video Prelude to Crete Monee vs Cary Grove 2012

Prelude to the State Championship Game Crete Monee Hype Video

Pre Game Hype Video Prelude to Crete vs Lemont 2012

Pre Game Hype video for Crete vs Lemont

Laquon Treadwell and the Warriors vs Lemont Part I | 4th Round Playoff Game 2012

The 12th man Crete had to fight the crowd and the referees in this one...

Marcus Terrell and Crete vs Lemont Part II | Playoff Game 4th Round 2012

Marcus Terell put the team on his shoulders, They tried to cover Treadwell one on one, why?

Player Interviews Crete vs Lemont Part III | 4th Round Playoff game 2012

After beating Lemont,  Laquon Treadwell, Lenoir, Terrell interviews after win...

Crete Monee vs Undefeated Ottawa 3rd Round Playoff Game 2012

Two Undefeated Teams Crete Monee and Ottawa but Crete has too many elite athletes, Treadwell, Terrell, Dunlap, Morgan, Lenoior, Slayton, Smith enjoy

Crete Monee vs Peoria 2nd Round Playoff Game 2012

This video includes the "Drive" it is a magical come from behind win for Crete Monee enjoy

Crete Monee vs Springfield Pre Game Hype 1st Round Playoff Game 2012

They really had no chance Crete Monee was dominating in this one

Crete Monee vs Rich East SAC Championship 2012

First things first a conference championship on the line...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Second Step Towards Being Recruited as a Scholastic-Athlete

The second step towards becoming a scholastic athlete is to get familiar with the NCAA eligibility center.  As as a Junior going into your Senior year any potential student athlete must be registered with the EC  so that collegiate institutions can legally register you as an amatuer athlete that can compete at the Division 1, & 2 level.   It sounds silly, but that is what it takes.  It is a very slow process because of the enormous number of PSA (potential student athletes) that register, so be prepared.  Registering also takes some time to enter all of the information correctly.  We suggest that you carve out some free time on the weekend to complete the online registration.  Do not spend school time trying to get this done.  When it is completed the center will continue to update the progress of your registration and send alerts as to what else may be needed.  This will result in you securing a registration number that can be used with all NCAA participating institutions.  Items that you should have handy before you begin would be:  Your High School Transcript, Your AAU or Club Affiliations, Your Current Grades, ACT or SAT Scores if you have taken them officially on a National Testing Day, and any information regarding outside classes, night school or disability information to start.  The website is

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The First Step Towards Being Recruited as a Scholastic-Athlete

The first step towards being recruited is being realistic about what your goals are and the belief in your ability to acheive those goals.  If you truly believe that you have what it takes academically and athletically to compete at the college level then you have crossed the first hurdle.  Assessing your skills versus older more experienced athletes is a great way to gauge your talent level.  It works for academics as well as athletics.  Freshmen year in high school is critical.  Talk to your counselors about enrolling in 1 or 2 Advanced Placement classes.  These classes carry more weight on your transcript and are looked upon more favorably than regular classes.  An AP course grade "B" carries 4 points on your transcript as apposed to the normal 3 points you earn.  If you excel or hold your own  against more mature competition and can handle honors or AP academic classes then you may be ready for the next level of athletic competition.  There are no guarantees so just be realistic.  Basketball franchise owners make more money than the pro basketball players.  So.....