Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Re-Make Lock Down State Championship Official Highlight Reel II | Crete vs Cary Grove 2012

Crete Monee Wins The State Championship with a high powered offense but don't forget the LOCK DOWN defense that caused Three Turnovers to seal the deal...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pre Game Hype Video Prelude to Crete vs Ottawa 2012

This was the game where Crete Monee made their Statement in 2012, After this game the coach told the team They could do anything and they did it... Enjoy

Pre Game Hype Video Prelude to Crete Monee vs Cary Grove 2012

Prelude to the State Championship Game Crete Monee Hype Video

Pre Game Hype Video Prelude to Crete vs Lemont 2012

Pre Game Hype video for Crete vs Lemont

Laquon Treadwell and the Warriors vs Lemont Part I | 4th Round Playoff Game 2012

The 12th man Crete had to fight the crowd and the referees in this one...

Marcus Terrell and Crete vs Lemont Part II | Playoff Game 4th Round 2012

Marcus Terell put the team on his shoulders, They tried to cover Treadwell one on one, why?

Player Interviews Crete vs Lemont Part III | 4th Round Playoff game 2012

After beating Lemont,  Laquon Treadwell, Lenoir, Terrell interviews after win...

Crete Monee vs Undefeated Ottawa 3rd Round Playoff Game 2012

Two Undefeated Teams Crete Monee and Ottawa but Crete has too many elite athletes, Treadwell, Terrell, Dunlap, Morgan, Lenoior, Slayton, Smith enjoy

Crete Monee vs Peoria 2nd Round Playoff Game 2012

This video includes the "Drive" it is a magical come from behind win for Crete Monee enjoy

Crete Monee vs Springfield Pre Game Hype 1st Round Playoff Game 2012

They really had no chance Crete Monee was dominating in this one

Crete Monee vs Rich East SAC Championship 2012

First things first a conference championship on the line...